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5D touch keyboard × AR musical instrument 


Cutting-edge electronic music instrumentalist
​Multi keyboardist / Composer / Arranger
Sound creator / Songwriter / Singer


"To the New World"

Composition and Performance: Yusuke Yabui



Born in Okayama City. He started playing the electronic organ (electone) at the age of 4 and won the Grand Prix at the "YAMAHA Junior Electone Concours National Competition 2004" during his high school years.

He is one of the few performers and composers in the world who can skillfully play the world's first 5D keyboard, the Seaboard (developed by the British company ROLI), which astonished the world when featured in the 2016 music film "La La Land," where the main character played it. In the summer and autumn of 2018, he performed demonstration concerts as the first Japanese 5D keyboard player at promotional events organized by ROLI in Japan.

His performance style is unparalleled worldwide, as he plays over eight cutting-edge electronic instruments, including the 5D keyboard, an AR (Augmented Reality) instrument that produces sounds in mid-air, music gadgets, and the electone, using both hands, feet, knees, and his whole body. His performances of grand and dramatic orchestral sounds all by himself are awe-inspiring.

Furthermore, he creates his unique "Wa (Japanese)" spirit music by blending the sounds and rhythms of "Wa" with various genres of music from classical, jazz, rock, pop, anime songs, folk music, to world music. The traditional Japanese instrument sounds, such as shakuhachi, sho, and drums, add delicacy and ethereal elements to Yusuke Yabui's musical world.

In 2018, he achieved a joint 6th place in the piano division of the "Lee Ritenour's Six String Theory Competition 2018," where young musicians from 182 countries competed. The awarded piece was an arrangement of a Michael Jackson's classic with a "Wa" flavor.

He is a Samurai Artist who pioneers the world of next-generation cutting-edge electronic instruments with a Japanese spirit.

Playing a grand orchestra sound by skillfully handling eight or more cutting-edge electronic instruments, with the 5D touch keyboard as the main instrument.

5D touch keyboard×ARmusical instrument 
YUSUKE YABUI ​The One and Only Orchestra

"After receiving the award, with Mr. Lee Ritenour

(March 2019, at Blue Note Tokyo)"

[ Award History ]


■ 2023

Selected for the "NEXT Artist 2023" project, initiated by director Amon Miyamoto, aimed at discovering the next generation of talent in the entertainment industry.

◼︎ 2022

"LIT Talent Awards 2022," an international entertainment competition:

  • Platinum Award for Best New Instrumentalist

  • Gold Award for Best Performance


◼︎ 2022

International Songwriting Competition 2022:

  • Finalist in the instrumental category


◼︎ 2021

The U.S.A. Songwriting Competition 2021:

  • Finalist in the World Music category


◼︎ 2020

"Sound Creator of the Year 2020," a composition contest for music in visual media such as movies, dramas, and anime:

  • Grand Prix


◼︎ 2020

"TikTok Spotlight with Okazaki Taiiku [Theme Category]":

  • Outstanding Achievement Award


◼︎ 2020

"Monster Exhibition 2020," an art exhibition featuring music and video works:

  • Selected entry


◼︎ 2018

"Lee Ritenour's Six String Theory Competition 2018":

  • Tied for 6th place in the piano category

 Award-winning medley rearranging Michael Jackson's classic songs with a Japanese touch

 Video link:

◼︎ 2004

"YAMAHA Junior Electone Competition All Japan National Tournament 2004":

  • Gold Award

"LIT Talent Awards 2022:

  • Platinum Award

  • Gold Award"

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