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Cutting-edge electronic music instrumentalist

​Multi keyboardist / Composer / arranger

Sound created / Songwriter / Singer

YUSUKE YABUI was born in OKAYAMA city in Japan. He started learning the Electone (YAMAHA double deck electronic organ)  at the age of 4 and won the grand prize in YAMAHA All Japan Electone concour at the age of 18. 
He is one of very few players and composers who perfectly play the world's first 5D touch keyboard ‘ROLI Seaboard’, which the main actor played in the musical movie ‘LA LA LAND’ and surprised people all over the world in 2016. In 2017 YUSUKE YABUI started playing 5D touch keyboard on his own and as early as 2018 he was invited to present
demonstration performance on 5D touch keyboard at the startup event held in Japan by ROLI.
Beyond the boundaries between different genres of music, from classical, jazz, rock,
pop, to film music and anime songs, 
he plays several cutting-edge electronic instruments -- 5D touch keyboard, musical gadget, double deck electronic organ, and AR [Augumented Reality] musical instrument on which one can play music by hitting the air etc. with both hands, both feet, right knee at one time. His playing style is unlike any other in the world. From subtle piano solo song to magnificent orchestra sound his 'One man orchestra performance' with whole body is just mind blowing.
Moreover he has created Japanese-soul music of his own called ‘WAKON Music
which grafts Japanese traditional music
timbre & rhythms on various kinds of music in the world. Sound of ethnic musical instruments such as Shakuhachi bamboo flute, Sho flute, and percussion instruments Tsuzumi etc. makes his music more subtle and more mysterious.
​In 2018 he won the world sixth prize in Lee Ritenours Six String Theory Competition
known as a gate to success for young musicians from all over the world as the first Japanese finalist. The award song was just Michael Jacksons songs medley which he arranged in a Japanese-soul style of his own. 

He has often held concerts in Historical structures like Japan Heritage Site, shrines and temples, art museum and in the middle of Nature of beautiful Japan. At that time he usually plays without preparation as he is inspired by history and mystic beauty of each location and it has impressed audiences so much. YUSUKE YABUI performing in Kimono & Hakama (formal Japanese attire of a man) just looks like a SAMURAI. The style of his performance is a class by itself and pretty impressive.


He will provide the One and Only entertainment which moves people around the world through Japanese-soul music

of his own.

[ Awards Received ]
* Sound Creator of The Year 2020
  Grand Prix 
* Lee Ritenour's Six String Theory     Competition 2018  [Piano Section]  
   World 6th rank
* YAMAHA All Japan Electone Concour 2004       Grand Prix 
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