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One Man Orchestra

From classical, Jazz, rock,pop, rock to film music and anime songs, he plays several cutting-edge electronic instruments   -- 5D touch keyboard, musical gadget, double deck electronic organ, and AR [Augumented Reality] musical instrument on which one can play music by hitting the air etc. with both hands, both feet, right knee at one time and created Japanese-soul music of his own called ‘WAKON Music, 
which grafts Japanese traditional music timbre & rhythms on various kinds of music in the world. 
Sound of ethnic musical instruments such as shakuhachi bamboo flute, sho flute, and percussion instruments Tsuzumi etc. makes his music more subtle and more mysterious.

[ Awards Received ]
* Sound Creator of The Year 2020   Grand Prix 
* Lee Ritenour's Six String Theory Competition 2018 
[Piano Section] World 6th rank
* YAMAHA All Japan Electone Concour 2004  Grand Prix 

Film Music  video

Anime Songs  video

Classical Music  video

World Music  video

Original Songs  video


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